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Hello, Celest Brook here! I decided that I would put up a little bit about me!


I am happily married with two fur babies [Max & Ali] whom I adore to bits. I live in Florida, but I wasn't raised here. I also enjoy getting to know people and talking to other artists when I have the time to. I'm a nerd at heart so never be afraid to approach me and say hello. 

I have been in the furry community since I was 15 where I played a variety of characters, but the one that stuck with me is the blue feline you all know me as. I have had her for going on 14 years now and I just love the development she has gone through in those years. 

I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and knew from day one that I wanted to make a hobby and possibly career out of it. Professionally, I am a graphic designer who works in product packaging for a major haircare company, but character creations and illustrations have always been a love of mine since I was younger. I hope I get to work with some of you by bringing your characters to life, at least on screen, I don't have the ability to make life like that.

My Characters

©All art on this profile has been commissioned by me or drawn by me.
©None of the art or the character is to be used by anyone other than myself. PERIOD.


Tiri & Atem


Coming Soon


Coming Soon



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